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Unless otherwise noted, the information on this website is intended for "Adults with no pre-existing or co-morbid conditions". If any of the following apply to you, please consult your healthcare provider.

  • Has certain medical conditions under treatment
  • Has not had a medical check-up within the past year
  • Advised to visit a hospital with the result of a health check-up, but has not visited yet
  • Has had any symptoms lasting longer than 2 months
  • Children under 15 years, pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have had a history of anaphylaxis or other serious allergies



Medical management recommendations are constantly evolving. While we constantly update the information on this website, we cannot give any guarantee as to the accuracy of its content. Due to the aforementioned updates, the information on the website is subject to change without notice.

In the treatment of diseases, the responsiveness and effectiveness may vary from person to person. The website does not provide any guarantee of efficacy. Readers are advised to read the information at their discretion and to use it on their own responsibility.

If symptoms are serious, if there is no improvement, or if your condition worsens after starting medication, please seek medical attention as soon as possible. In such cases, please make sure to inform the healthcare provider about the name of the medicine and how many days (times) you have taken it.

Please also refer to the disclaimer below.




Personal Data handling

On this site, you may be asked to enter your name, email address, and other personal information when enquiring.
The personal information you provide will only be used for the following purposes.

  • To confirm your identity
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  • To investigate activities that are harmful or disruptive to other users
  • For other purposes for which the customer has given individual consent

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This website takes all possible security measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.
The site uses SSL encryption to prevent third parties from reading or altering important information.



Advertisements on this website

To enable readers to make appropriate product selections, this website provides information on products with a primary focus on the ingredients of OTC medicines based on medical practice guidelines and other information. No compensation is received from specific pharmaceutical manufacturers or other parties for sales or referrals.

Affiliate links to OTC drugs on this website are also provided for the convenience of readers and consumers. They are not intended to induce specific products.

The following are special notes regarding affiliate links on this website.

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The website will not respond to inquiries containing any of the following information

  • Specific consultations concerning individual physical conditions
  • Any material that defames or slanders a specific person or legal entity
  • Items containing extremely indecent content
  • Requests or mediations for goods or acts prohibited by law, such as those relating to the trade of prohibited goods or requests for acts that harm others.
  • Any other content that is deemed offensive to public order and morals or that should not be approved by the administrator.

The website collects the data displayed in the contact form, as well as IP addresses, browser user agent strings, etc. to help detect spam.
An anonymized hash string created from your email address may be provided to the service to check whether you are using the 'Gravatar' service.
The privacy policy of the service can be found here.



While every effort is made to ensure that the information on this website is as accurate as possible, there may be cases where incorrect information is introduced or the information is not up-to-date. Please note that information may be changed or deleted without notice given the accuracy of the information.

The prices, shipping costs, and URLs of the products introduced on this website are generated based on the JAN code, using the API provided by the e-commerce site selling the product in question. There may be discrepancies in information due to changes in the listed price or incorrect registration of the JAN code, etc. Please confirm the latest prices and product details from the EC site, each sales outlet or manufacturer, etc.
Please also check the links for notations based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.


When using the information on this website, please use it at your discretion and responsibility. Please note that this website is not responsible for any problems, damages, or losses caused by the use of this website. 



Unauthorized use or diversion of the text and images on this website beyond the scope of quotation as stipulated by copyright law is prohibited. When making quotations, please observe the "Quotation from" statement.



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